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Handling conflicts, reaching a resolution and documenting everything in an audit trail is a cumbersome process. Do it simpler today!

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Conflict Resolution for a Modern Workforce

We built Assist HR as a necessity and frustration with current tools. We think these features will help you unlock human potential.

Employee Files

We start by taking in employee details, keeping it all neatly organized in one place, and assisgning a unique ID # to each person.

Case Management

Then, when conflict arises, you create cases, which also carry a unique ID #, and anonymize employee identities so that the issues are considered neutrally and with privacy.

Evidence Request & Provision

For any given case, you can request evidence from an employee or an external person such as a provider, client, etc. This goes on the file for the case, and all submitted evidence can be downloaded by approved users.

Audit Trail Timeline

Every case has a timeline of events, updates, evidence submitted and other details that can help protect your company's decisions in the event of litigation or arbitration.

User Management

Freely invite your users to your company account, whether they are HR staff, other employees or external consultants, with the appropriate privileges for each kind.

Great Support

We are here when you need us! We ♥️ our customers and we really enjoy direct communication. Our chat support is open and we will do all we can to help fast 🤩.

the importance of addressing conflicts

Focus on how an objective is reached, and at what cost.

Workplace Conflict Costs $359 Billion a Year

And could amount to more when we consider the loss of paid hours, opportunities and legal issues created by confusing temporary fixes with conflict elimination. [1]

#1 Source of Conflict is Managing Goals

While we often personify an issue, a study found that the origin of a problem tends to deal with the goals and procedures affecting work, and not the people involved. [2]


Evidence Requests,
One Click Away.

Have us send automatic emails when you request evidence for a particular case. The person providing the evidence does not need an account. They will read a prompt, input a description and upload files. These will be accessible from your case details screen, protected inside your account.

Simple Plans,
Flexibility On Demand.

Up to 3 employees
Unlimited Users
1 Open Case
No Data Import
No Data Export
No Feedback
No Video Evidence
No Digital Signatures
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Up to 10 employees
Unlimited Users
Up to 5 Open Cases
Smart Data Import
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Up to 25 Employees
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Cases
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Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any qustions about our pricing plans. And don’t forget to check the FAQ page.

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We are in our pre-launch mode, you will be able to create a free account here very soon.


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